welcome at this personal small shrine dedicated to Hokuto Umeda, my favourite character from Hisaya Nakajo's manga Hanazakari No Kimitachi E, short Hanakimi. whee!

If you love Umeda-sensei as much as I do, enjoy the site. :)


25/05/2005 just one new wallpaper, thanks to kaxxii.

16/02/2005 Hey there. No, no mood-theme yet, haha. I just updated the links-section after I noticed that the great UmedaxKijima-shrine was missing. (yay, re-pimpage! ^_^) Also added all hanakimi-related fanlistings I could find.

01/10/2004 Added a few (useless) things in the facts-section. I also started working on a mood-theme for journals, but I don't know if it will ever be finished. Also added a shoutbox in hope somebody will actually use it >_>

Apart from that I'm -always- looking for new goodies, so please - if you have anything to share (wallpapers, also fanart or fanfiction etc), send it to me. I'd love you forever. If you have a hanakimi-related site, it would be wonderful if we could exchange links or become affiliates. If you liked this site but don't have a hanakimi site, link it anyway :p or plug it. he he. thanks :)

05/09/2004 I'm sorry about the downtime (which was shorter than I thought), I had to switch hosts. But I took the time to wipe out a brand-spanking new layout! Other updates: a few more scans.

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