name 梅田北斗 (umeda hokuto)
dob 31/10
age 27
zodiac scorpio
height 184 cm (6')
blood type 0
favourite food coffee, sake, japanese food
least favourite food overly sweet desserts.
favourite musicians neubauten, prodigy, enigma, d.o.a.
favourite movies salome, blade runner, yuusei kara no buutai x (I think that is actually a video game.)
favourite sports hates sports
favourite pet nothing specific (but doesn't hate them.)
image flower anthurium ( more info )

information taken from the hanakimi character book and hanakimi vol 3.


Hokuto Umeda was a student at Osaka High himself and now he works there as the school doctor. He is openly gay and claims that this was the actual reason he discovered Mizuki's secret. Throughout the whole series she often turns to him for advice and although he is not always pleased with that he still supports her.
Even though he is a doctor, we can catch him smoking a lot and he actually hates sports. Furthermore the students often tend to be a bit scared of him, because - especially if he is already in a bad mood - he does not let them get away if they are faking to skip classes. ^_^
Looking at his love life, he mentions a guy from his past who is very important to him (and we are informed about their relationship in volume 14), but we can still find him in various (sometimes not so) dubious positions with students (ho ho) or other random guys. Later on, Akiha Hara appears, a professional photographer of whom Umeda seems to be annoyed - but sometimes he cannot resist him.
Finally, when everybody finds out about his family constellation (.. and meets his parents), all of them appear to be shocked :D for more information just take a look at the family & friends section.

And why exactly is Umeda fantastic? Well, to sum it up he simply is a handsome, gay and funny (ok, he may appear to be a bit grumpy sometimes ^_^) character. Admit it: without him, the manga wouldn't be half as good.